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Donate to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey

As full time RV’ers, we have been a lot of places. Of course, when you are traveling full time, there are always a few that become your favorite. Texas is a place that has really stolen our hearts; from the beautiful city of El Paso (and the great eats there – the food was one of our favorites), to literally our favorite city in the country; Austin, to Houston and Dallas, and little towns like Rockport, Port Aransas, and Lake Jackson where Amanda’s best friend since the age of 4 moved to 5 or so years ago.

We love the whole state. It’s a place close to us, and brings about a special kind of people. We have had some really amazing experiences there. So when we saw the devastation left in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, we were deeply effected.

Wondering the best way to help, we were watching and waiting for the right opportunity to pitch in. Being that a big part of why we travel is our music company, Conquer Entertainment, when we saw the wife of one of our favorite artists, and great friend, Cassie McKinney, reaching out to people online via social looking for help and support on the benefit she and Mark were putting together for her little Texas town, Port Aransas, we wanted to do all we could to help them.

One of the things we like best about what Mark and Cassie are doing is that they are personally hand delivering the donations directly to the people affected in Port Aransas.  We have seen so much in the recent news about the shaky non profits that have sprung up, and even the bigger aid foundations, how sadly so little goes to the actual victims of natural disasters.

I absolutely love that I can be certain that every dollar spent towards this campaign goes directly to the victims. I think it is just beautiful that Mark and Cassie have donated their time and energy to doing this. Mark has even gone as far as to donate ALL the profits from his music and merchandise from his GetConquer music store to the relief for the victims. This benefit concert  and campaign is something I am very proud to have the opportunity to be a part of.

Hear it right from Mark what this town, and this benefit means to them:


I know many people reading this will want to know additional ways they can help the cause, so we’ve listed below six simple steps to help make a big impact for those in need…

Instagram sized flyer for reposting

Donate to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey


Six Easy Ways to Help with the Hurricane Harvey Benefit Effort:

1). Spread the Word! Don’t have money to donate? No worries — you can still help by just getting the word out, above are graphics that you can use as your social media backdrops, a flyer you can post, and links you can share out! Share the images and video included in this article and help spread the word! The more people who help us get the word out, the more help we can give this devastated community.

2). Share Your Story! Did you go to Texas to help? Are you from the area and your town is effected? Send us in your story, photos, footage, or testimonial — let us help you get the word out!

3). Post on Social Media! We are working hard to get the word out quickly and you can help. Do you have a blog or newsletter? Have a YouTube channel? We encourage everyone to post about this while sharing this link: www.StateOfTexasBenefit.com.

4). Make a Video! Are you an internet celebrity, musician, artist, or celebrity? We would love a little video from you that we can post out through our channels encouraging more people to help or donate!

5). Donate Items to the Auction and/or Raffle! We’re looking for things of value to add to our raffle and auction that will be held at the benefit on September 16th. Are you a celebrity and can send us a signed photo or piece of memorabilia, do you have celebrity friends? Help us out! Do you have something else in mind that would be great for the auction or raffle? You can mail items to:

Hurricane Harvey Benefit

6117 York Bridge Circle

Austin Texas 78749

6). Donate $ to the Cause! Make a purchase through the Hurricane Harvey Trendshop on SHOP.COM (also located on the landing page) – OR – buy some music!! All proceeds from the trendshop, as well as the actual items ordered go directly to the community in Port Aransas, TX – and all proceeds from the downloads and merchandise of participating artists on http://www.GetConquer.com for the next TWO WEEKS will go to the devastated community of Port Aransas!

Hurricane Harvey has destroyed a lot of property but it’s up to all of us to rally together and help support the people who’ve lost so much!

See you soon in our travels!

Cheers –

Amanda & April

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