Once we got the hang of RV and offgrid life, we've come to have a soft spot for a few places in the United States. Though every stops brings something a little different, there's just a special energy about a few places - namely California, Utah, and Texas. Some of our favorite cities are on the West coast, but we've found a few gems down South and along the Eastern border as well.

Ellie on the road again.
Hiking to the Hollywood sign, Los Angeles.

Some Of Our Favorite Stops:

New York City - the place we call our second home

Virginia - where our property is in the Blue Ridge Mountains

California - beautiful scenery, beautiful people, and tons of free land to park on

Texas - Austin always makes us get a little "weird", in a good way

Colorado - great food, breathtaking views, and winding roads

Tennessee - home of two great musical cities; Nashville and Memphis

Utah - the best snow in the country, and family is there so it's always great

Florida - Sunshine, beaches, and some of our favorite cities; Miami, Wilton Manors

Red Rocks - being avid rock climbers, we loved bouldering Red Rocks (Nevada)

Nevada - one of the most alive cities in the US, and never a dull moment in Vegas!