Every mile we drive, we're thinking about our carbon footprint and how to do our part in making a greener earth for the future. By switching to offgrid lifestyle, we're naturally producing less trash, more conscious of the environment and emissions, and even found a way through compost to recycle everything we eat (and excrete).

The offgrid plan we've created for our bus, property and ultimately lifestyle is quite robust. It's got a lot of information and suggestions to creating an even better lifestyle, though we still have a wishlist of gear and upgrades we wish to get to make it even better. The ultimate goal for us is to create less trash, pay less to no bills, and have unlimited disposable income by creating a self sufficient paradise in our home on the road and in the mountains.

The Offgrid Outlaws: Amanda (left) and April (right) Ridinger

Our grand offgrid plan hopes to inspire people like you to make a change to green energy in your own way of life. Although we want to create an offgrid haven for ourselves, at the same time we want to share as much as we learn along the way with you. Change begins with a single step - so this is us stepping up.


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