After a few years of hopping around the country boondocking, we were in search of something a little more stable...and safe in some situations. Our blog friends, The Wynns, wrote a detailed post on how much they enjoyed their stays at various wineries and farms across the land - all in their class A motorhome. So, we took the leap and followed their advice - and we're more than glad that we did!

Ellie camping at a honey farm in Rogers, TX

Harvest Host is a great option for full (or part) timers who like to boondock - meaning no hookups of any kind usually. Since this is the way we're most comfortable camping, we bit the bullet and paid the (inexpensive for what it's worth) $40 for an annual membership. So far we've stayed at hip wineries, a honey farm, and one of the biggest flea markets we've ever seen. It sure beats a Walmart parking lot for an overnight stay! Each setup is a little different, but the Harvest Host site does a great job in telling you all the information and details needed to ensure your rig can fit comfortably.

Where We've Stayed:

Walker Honey Farm - Rogers, TX

Keller's Flea Market - Savannah, GA

Summer Crush Vineyard - Ft. Pierce, FL

Bluestone Vineyard - Birdgewater, VA