From day one, we've boondocked in our bus Ellie. We've stayed at a few campgrounds over the years, and Harvest Hosts really comes through when we need them. However, our preferred method of travelling full time is boondocking. For the newbies, that's simply being one with nature; no hookups, no neighbors, and complete freedom.

Ellie boondocking in the Cali deserts; Joshua Tree.

One of our favorite things about boondocking is exploring the cities we stop in. If we're lucky we have a car in tow, but most of the time we use our motorcycle to get around. We've camped at Flying J's, Pilots, BLM (which stands for Bureau of Land Management - basically government land that you can stay on for free for up to two weeks). Staying true to the off-grid lifestyle, our solar powered bus can handle any stops we decide to make along our travels (most of the time).

Impromptu photo shoot at our VA property with Ellie.

Where We've Stayed:

New York City - summer 2015

California - Warped Tour 2014, Warped Tour 2015, winter 2016

Florida - various times since 2014, especially Miami

Utah - 2015-16, bus repairs, family visits

Walmarts - various parking lots across the country

Arizona - passing thru

Texas - SXSW music conference, visiting friends

Tennessee - visited Nashville, Memphis, Graceland

Carolinas - various times for business in Greensboro

Flying J's/Pilots - various stops across the country; great for showering and (sometimes) dumping tanks